Model 428-VVK – VERSA Vial Kit

Model 428-VVK – VERSA Vial Kit

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Versa Spectrophotometer Vial Kit

Five 14 mL vials, 2.25 cm path length, fit the Versa Spectrophotometer

SKU: 428-VK


The Versa spectrophotometer vial kit consists of five 14 mL, 2.25 cm path length glass vials. Phenolic screw caps are included.

The spectrophotometer light path passes through the liquid sample about 0.5 cm above the bottom of the vial; the liquid should be about 1.5 cm deep to make sure that all of the light passes though the sample.

Typical Experiments:

• Beer’s law
• Spectral profiles
• Spectrophotometric kinetics
• Scatter and turbidity
• Fluorescence


Versa Spectrophotometer Module

Vial volume14 mL, minimum sample ~ 4 mL
Dimensions2.50 cm” in diameter, 2.25 cm path length