Model 802- Compact Laboratory Cabinet

Model 802- Compact Laboratory Cabinet

Price: $225.00

MicroLab Compact Laboratory

(Suggested new name Interface/Laptop Base)

SKU: 802


MicroLAB’s interface / laptop base provides a workspace that includes space for microLAB’s FS-528 FASTspec™ lab interface, sensor storage on the side, and a portable computer in a compact, rugged, and easily secured package. The base’s 14.5” x 17” footprint on a lab bench is just slightly larger than an open laboratory manual. The computer keyboard is safely located five inches above the lab bench. Non-skid rubber feet and the mass of the cabinet hold it securely in place. Inside storage secures the computer power pack and cables. Only AC power, mouse, and
network cables leave the cabinet, and networking can be provided wirelessly. The cabinet can store vertically with computer mounted with Velcro to save space.


Interface/Laptop Base

Dimensions14” wide x 17” long, about the same size as an open laboratory manual.
WeightAbout eight pounds
LockSpace provided for locking cable to computer