Model 257-20 – 20watt Immersion Heater

Model 257-20 – 20watt Immersion Heater

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Immersion Heater

A software-controlled 20-watt immersion heater that uses the FS-528 to
control the temperature of spectrophotometric samples and stirred
solutions ± 0.02 O C from ambient to 80 O C. Constant temperature samples
up to 100 mL.

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Temperature control is important for many kinetics experiments. The MicroLab 528’s software controlled 20-watt immersion heater and thermistor temperature sensor will control temperature in the stirred spectrophotometer vial or in an external stirred 100 mL constant temperature bath. Proportional control reduces the heater power as the target temperature is approached. Temperature range is ambient to 80 OC, and temperature stability in a stirred solution is the user-defined target temperature ± 0.02 OC. In its binary control mode, the heater is on below the target temperature and off above it. Closed loop control is common in industry and important as a concept in 2-year Chemical Technology programs.

Typical Experiments:

• Controlled temperature kinetics experiments


Immersion Heater

PowerAdjustable, 1.6 – 20 wattsPower Supply and ControlFrom FS-528
Temperature rangeAmbient to 80 °CDimensions
StabilityTarget temperature ± 0.02 °CCable
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