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Our team proudly offers affordable and innovative laboratory equipment for teaching college chemistry. Using our hardware, software products and resources, educators can provide students with a great learning experience.

What Makes Us Special

A Company Founded by Chemistry Educators

In 1995, a faculty group representing community colleges, liberal arts colleges, comprehensive universities, research universities, and a military academy worked on a project called “CCLI Initiative” – Computers in Chemistry Laboratory Instruction. This National Science Foundation project resulted in two spin-off organizations: CCLI, nonprofit educational resource organization and MicroLAB Inc, an incorporated R&D/manufacturing company.

Made-In-America Products

Based in Bozeman, Montana our company has been selling products designed, engineered, and built in the U.S. since 2002.

MicroLAB Inc
MicroLAB Inc

Commitment to Excellence

We are a small business partnering with a Native American owned ISO 9001certified manufacturer that ensures industry standards in our manufacturing operations. In turn, this enables us to provide superior laboratory products that stand the test of time.

Equipping Your Lab With Important Tools

We ensure that both teachers and learners have the technology needed to:

  • Manage

    We have tools Instructors and students can use to control your experimental conditions such as temperature, stirring and illumination.

  • Measure

    Our electronic tools allow students to efficiently measure and record chemical behavior.

  • Think

    Students plan, collect, visualize, and analyze data then evaluate experiments using the best software tools.

Our Dedicated Team

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I worked in the industry for 24 years and these (MicroLAB) boxes are as good as anything I’ve seen in a professional setting.


Eastfield College

Our greatest success with (MicroLAB) has been the student response when they realize they have designed and created their own experiments using the MicroLAB interface. The look of accomplishment is fantastic.


Renessalear Polytechnic Institute

I am impressed with the versatility and the low cost of this interface, it opens new possibilities for experiments.


California State University Bakersfield

We have been using the MicroLAB system for photobleaching kinetic readings and we absolutely love it. In fact, it has quickly become one of the most useful instruments in our lab.


Post-Doc, National Cancer Institute – Frederick, MD

We have noticed a huge difference in the amount of (chemical) waste we produce since we started using the MicroLABs; even the person who collects the waste was surprised at the small amount the chemistry lab had for pick-up.


Mott Community College

I received the following comment about the new lab experience from one of my students on a course evaluation: “Using the computers to aid in experimentation was thrilling. As students enter the field after graduation, knowing how these more advanced tools work will be imperative.


University of Michigan – Flint

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