Model 290-Universal Sensor Adapter

Model 290-Universal Sensor Adapter

MicroLab’s Universal Sensor Adapter Module enables easy connection of userdesigned sensors to a MicroLab 500-series Interface’s voltage and current inputs, and software definable voltage output.


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The MicroLab Sensor Adaptor Module provides a way to connect custom-built sensors to the MicroLab 500-Series interfaces through colorcoded banana plug connections. The module’s CAT-5 connection to a sensor port provides access to current and voltage inputs as well as software-controlled digital to analog converter DC voltage output. The Sensor Adapter Module will support coulometric titrations in analytical chemistry.
Banana jacks are mounted on 0.75” centers to accept standard dual banana plug connectors.


Universal Sensor Adapter Module:

Voltage input (Red jack)± 2.5 volts (± 2500 mV )DCVoltage output – DAC (Blue jack)
Software definable
0 to ± 2500 mV
0 to + 5000 mV
Current Input (Yellow jack) ±± 25 mA, ± 2.5 mA, ± 250 uA DCGround (Black jack)