Model 254-Automated Constant Volume Drop Dispenser & Clamp

Model 254-Automated Constant Volume Drop Dispenser & Clamp

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MicroLAB’s Automated Constant Volume Drop Dispenser works with our Drop Counter to deliver and count drops of reagent to a titration, making possible automated titrations. Titrant flow may be started and stopped under program control from the MicroLab FS528.

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MicroLAB’s automated drop dispenser permits automated “walk away and wait” titrations. The dispenser produces drops of a highly consistent volume (~ 0.033 mL) and at a constant delivery rate that is easily set by the user. An industrial solenoid valve starts and stops titrant flow under program control from the FS-528.

For example, the solenoid valve can open as data recording began at the beginning of a pH/drop count titration. It can be programmed to close when the pH reached pH 11.5. The data and titration curve will await the return of the operator for recording and analysis.

The drop dispenser is easy to adjust and control. A Teflon-seal, multi-turn rotary needle valve makes it
easy to adjust the drop rate. The small change in head pressure in the 60 mL chemically resistant polypropylene titrant reservoir keeps the drop size and drop rate constant.

Drop size may be calibrated to about ± 0.2% by counting the number of drops required to fill a 10 mL
graduated cylinder (~ 330).

Accurate, easy to create titration curves produce a lot more information than simple indicator end-point

Typical Experiments:
• Acid-base titration curves
• First and second derivative plots to determine end points
• Choice of chemical indicators for strong acid / weak acid / strong base titrations
• Location of buffer regions
• Determination of acid equilibrium constants, pKa.
• With temperature sensor, comparison of heat of reaction for neutralization of mono and polyprotic acids.

Drop Dispenser

Reservoir60 mLSensor dimension22 cm long, 6.5 cm diameter
Drop RateAdjustable from 8 drops /sec to 10 seconds/drop.SupportNon-corroding ring stand clamp included
ResolutionApproximately 0.03 mL drop size, calibratableControl