Model 2011 – Gas Pressure Syringe

Model 2011 – Gas Pressure Syringe

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A calibrated, 60 mL syringe with 3-way stopcock for gas pressure / Boyles’ Law experiments.

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A sixty mL syringe for gas volume/pressure experiments. When its hose is connected to a MicroLab pressure input, the three-way Luer stopcock permits …
a) Connecting the syringe directly to the MicroLab pressure input.
b) Opening the MicroLab pressure input to measure ambient air pressure.
c) Opening the syringe to adjust its content to ambient air pressure. This setting permits setting the syringe volume at the beginning of an experiment.
The handle on the stopcock points toward the closed inlet to the valve. The other two inputs are connected together. Gas volume can be estimated to ± 1 mL.

Typical Experiments:
• Gas pressure-volume experiments
• Boyle’s Law


Gas Pressure Syringe

Syringe Volume60 mLHose30 cm, Luer hose fitting on end
Accuracy± 1 mLStopcock3-way Luer