Model 141-Visual Spectrophotometer

Model 141-Visual Spectrophotometer

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The Model 141 Visual Spectrometer provides visual and photographic observation of visible region emission and absorption spectra.

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The MicroLab Visual Spectrometer is the central unit in a modular spectrometer
system. The spectrometer consists of a sample holder that will suspend a sample vial half-way down the
spectrometer slit. An adjustable slit assembly that provides three slit widths. Spectrometer slit width
determines the resolution of the image (smaller slits produce a higher spectral resolution and more
accurate wavelength measurement), and the light throughput or brightness of the image (wider slits
produce brighter images). The three slits are laser-cut and are 760, 380, and 125 microns wide. Full
width half maximum (FWHM) resolution is 6 nm with the narrowest slit and is constant across the
spectrum. A collimating lens and diffraction grating placed a distance from the slit create the spectrum.
The image may be viewed by eye, with a video (web) camera for a demonstration, or with a cell-phone
camera for photographic recording and measurement of the spectra

Line & Band Spectra-hot gasses and solids
Fiber optic cables & reference spectra
Slit width, light throughput, & resolution
Wavelength Calibration
The fingerprint nature of atomic spectra
Source Temperature & the Boltzmann energy distribution
ID of an unknown element from spectral lines
The Formation of Color
Measuring Spectral Profiles
Wavelength, frequency, and color of light waves. White light is not white