Model 141-VK – vial kit for spectrophotometry

Model 141-VK – vial kit for spectrophotometry

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Five 15mL vials for spectrophotometric measurements with the 141 Visual Spectrometer and VERSA. Colored water is not included.

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Spectrophotometer vials to be used with the 528 and VERSA interfaces. 15 mL = 2.25 path length. Designed for use with or without a screw-on cap (included). Clear with Black Phenolic Caps. In stock available for immediate delivery. The 141 Visual Spectrophotometer vial holds the vial half-way down the spectrophotometer slit. When used with a white light source, a transmission spectrum of the sample is viewed above a white reference spectrum.

This photo of light transmitted through a sample of blue food dye shows absorption bands in the orange-red and violet.

Beer’s law concentration measurements are made at the wavelengths at which the sample absorbs light.