Model 135-Gas Chromatography cable

Model 135-Gas Chromatography cable

Price: $35.00

Gas Chromatography Cable

Connects chart Gas Chromatograph chart recorder outputs to a MicroLab FS528 thermocouple input.


This cable will connect the 100 millivolt graph recorder output from a gas chromatograph to the MicroLab thermocouple input.

The FS-528 thermocouple input has an instrumentation amplifier that will accept and amplify the balanced, ground-isolated graph recorder output signal from a gas chromatograph. Designed initially for GOWMAC gas chromatographs this cable will work with any GC recorder output.

If the GC output is 0-1 volts and ground referenced, the GC signal can be entered directly into the voltage in banana jacks on the front of the FS-528. The MicroLab Model 133 Voltage Lead will handle this signal transfer.

In either case, MicroLab software will plot signal/time graphs, and allow students to correct for baseline offset and to isolate and integrate selected GC peaks.

Typical Experiments:

  • Recording gas chromatography signals for analysis with MicroLab software.
  • Correct baselines, integrate selected GC peaks.

Gas Chromatography Cable

Cable length70 cmTerminationBlack (-) and red (+) banana plugs
ConnectorMini-thermocouple connector, polarized