Model 127-Dissolved Oxygen Probe, BNC

Model 127-Dissolved Oxygen Probe, BNC

Price: $229.00

Dissolved Oxygen Probe

This rugged industrial-grade epoxy body dissolved oxygen probe accurately
measures dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions in the range 0-14 mg/L range.
Standard BNC connector.


A rugged, sensitive epoxy-body industrial grade dissolved oxygen electrode useful for dissolved oxygen determination in environmental and biological samples. Its voltage output signal is proportional to dissolved oxygen concentration, and is in the range of 25-35 mV in air-saturated water at 25 o C. Range is 0-014 mg/L dissolved oxygen. Resolution 0.0025 mg/L dissolved oxygen. Replacement membrane included. It connects to the MicroLab interface via a standard industrial BNC connector.

Typical Experiments: Measurement of dissolved oxygen in aqueous environmental and biological samples.

The MicroLab Advantage: Unbreakable epoxy body Stable, industrial-quality electrode


Voltage Output 25-35 mV in air saturated water at 25 o C
Dissolved oxygen range 0-14 mg/L
Resolution with FS-528 interface ± 0.0025 mg/L
Temperature range 0-80 o C
Replacement membrane included.
Cable length 30 inches
Connector: Standard industrial BNC