Model 125-Redox Electrode

Model 125-Redox Electrode

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MicroLab’s REDOX probe is a rugged industrial combination electrode.
This maintenance-free probe is useful for oxidation/reduction titrations. It
measures solution Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) ± 2500 mV, 0 to 80 °C
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This sensor is a standard double-junction industrial REDOX probe. The body of the probe is rugged Ultem®(polyetherimide) and is practically unbreakable. This “combination” probe provides both the reference and solution contact parts of an electrochemical cell which is sensitive to the REDOX potential of the solution in which it is immersed.

The probe consists of two concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder contains a sealed, gel-filled silver/silver chloride reference electrode. The silver wire, visible from the outside of the probe, connects to the shield and outer conductor of the sensor cable and connector. Porous fibers (called junctions) visible at the bottom of the probe transfer ions between the internal reference electrode and the sample solution. A double junction electrode has an extra porous barrier which prevents contaminants in the solution from reacting with the silver ion that is present in the
reference electrode, thus plugging the junction.

The inner cylinder ends in a platinum wire which contacts the sample solution (the other half of the REDOX electrochemical cell).

Typical Experiments:

  • This REDOX probe is ideal for experiments involving:
  • Determination of the REDOX potential of unknown solutions
  • Creating REDOX titration curves and determining end points.


pH Probe

Range± 2500 mV, 0- 80°CSensor dimension50 mm long, 12 mm diameter
Accuracy± 0.01 mVCable length91 cm
Resolution± 0.076 mVConnectorStandard Industrial BNC Connector