Model 107 pH electrode holder

Model 107 pH electrode holder

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Electrode Holder

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The Model 107 electrode holder will hold a pH, conductance, or REDOX electrode, or an immersion heater. A thermistor may be mounted beside either the immersion heater, for controlled temperature experiments, or beside an electrode for heat-of-reaction titration measurements. It holds its electrode or heater in the spectrophotometer vial for titrations or controlled temperature kinetics experiments. It will swing to the side to serve a beaker on a stir
plate for larger volume titrations, or to operate a constant temperature bath. The electrode holder includes a funnel to direct titrant from a micropipette or drop dispenser into the vial. Micropipette additions may be also made directly into the vial. The electrode holder mounts to the FS-528 sample illumination module or to a ring stand. Its mounting rod is 3/8 inches in diameter.

Typical Experiments:

• Spectrophotometric titrations
• Controlled temperature kinetics reactions
• Heater & thermistor support for external constant temperature baths


Gas Pressure Syringe

Dimensions11.5 cm x 3.8 cm x 1.7 cmSupport Rod, 3/8” diameter15 cm long
SensorspH Electrode, thermistor, immersion heater