Model 133 Voltage Lead

Model 133 Voltage Lead

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Voltage Lead

A rugged voltage test lead with color coded alligator clips. It also will deliver
power to electroplating / Electrogravimetric experiments

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The MicroLab voltage lead serves two roles:
• When measuring voltage with the FS-528, it connects to external circuits with black (-) and red (+) alligator clips. Four voltage ranges are
o ± 10 volts
o ± 2.5 volts
o ± 1 volt
o ± 250 mV

• When the FS-528 is operating in the electroplating mode, the power delivered through this lead to an electroplating / Electrogravimetric experiment ranges from 0-5 volts, at 750 mA maximum. A current overload circuit in the FS-528 will turn the power off if a short circuit occurs, or if the current exceeds 750 mA.

Typical Experiments:

• Electrochemical half-cell measurements
• Electroplating, Electrogravimetry

Voltage Lead

Cable length46 cm / 18 inchesTerminationBlack (-) and red (+) alligator clips
Wire size16, flexible industrial test lead wire, black & redConnectorDual banana plug
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