Model 528-T (Titration) Package

Model 528-T (Titration) Package

Price: $1389.00

This microLAB package contains everything found in the Advanced Package in addition to equipment
optimized for teaching student concepts involved with titrations, titration items are bolded. This package includes:
• microLAB FS-528 Interface and ongoing software development
• Model 103- Thermistor
• Model 107- Electrode Holder
• Model 121- General Purpose pH Probe
• Model 133- Voltage Lead
• Model 136- 100 μL Micropipette
• Model 151- Electrochemistry Metal Kit
• Model 152- Multi-EChem Half Cell Module
Model 154- Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp
• Model 183- Vial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar
Model 226- IR Drop Counter and Clamp
• Model 257- Constant Temperature Heater
• Model 2011- Gas Pressure Syringe

• APPLICATIONS: Electrochemistry, Titrations, Acid-Base Chemistry, Thermochemistry,
Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry
• FEATURES: Durable, Well Equipped Package, Covers a Broad Range of Topics

Technical Description

The microLAB FS-528 Titration’s package includes integrated FASTspec™ 380-880 nm scanning
spectrophotometer, 0-2 atm pressure sensor, rotating magnetic field stirring, and 0–5-volt, 750 mA
regulated power supply in the microLAB FS-528 unit. The package also includes a Thermistor, Electrode
Holder, General Purpose pH Probe, Voltage Lead, 100 μL Micropipette, Electrochemistry Metal
Kit, Multi-EChem Half Cell Module, Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp, Vial Pack- 14 and 28
mL with Stir Bar, IR Drop Counter and Clamp, Constant Temperature Heater, and Gas Pressure Syringe.

Instrument Performance Specifications

BNC Input: pH 0-14 pH, resolution 0.0015 pH unit.
Standard industrial pH electrode.
REDOX: ± 2500 mV, resolution 76 μV Standard industrial
REDOX electrode.