Model 528-C (Conductance) Package:

Model 528-C (Conductance) Package:

Price: $1489.00

The microLAB Conductance package contains everything in the Titrations Package with an additional item geared towards teaching electrochemistry in addition to everything included in the titrations package, bolded item is the Conductance addition. This package includes:

  • microLAB FS-528 Interface
  • Model 103- Thermistor
  • Model 107- Electrode Holder
  • Model 121- General Purpose pH Probe
  • Model 133- Voltage Lead
  • Model 136- 100 μL Micropipette
  • Model 151- Electrochemistry Metal Kit
  • Model 152- Multi-EChem Half Cell Module
  • Model 154- Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp
  • Model 160- Conductance Probe
  • Model 183- Vial Pack-14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar
  • Model 226- IR Drop Counter and Clamp
  • Model 257- Constant Temperature Heater
  • Model 2011- Gas Pressure Syringe
  • APPLICATIONS: Electrochemistry, Thermochemistry, Titrations, Acid Base Chemistry, Spectroscopy
  • FEATURES: Rugged, Well Equipped, Designed to Cover a Broad Range of Topics

Technical Description

The microLAB FS-528 Conductance package includes integrated FASTspec™ 380-880 nm scanning spectrophotometer, 0-2 atm pressure sensor, rotating magnetic field stirring, and 0–5-volt, 750 mA regulated power supply in the microLAB FS-528 unit. The package also includes a Thermistor, Electrode Holder, General Purpose pH Probe, Voltage Lead, 100 μL Micropipette, Electrochemistry Metal Kit, Multi-EChem Half Cell Module, Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp, Conductance Probe, Vial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar, IR Drop Counter and Clamp, Constant Temperature Heater, and Gas Pressure Syringe.

Instrument Performance Specifications

BNC Input: pH 0-14 pH, resolution 0.0015 pH unit.
Standard industrial pH electrode.

REDOX: ± 2500 mV, resolution 76 μV Standard industrial
REDOX electrode.

Dissolved Oxygen, Galvanic sensor 0-14 mg/L, resolution 0.0025 mg/L.
Ion Selective Electrodes ± 2500 mV.

Uses standard industrial BNC IS electrodes.

Pressure: 0-2 atm (0-1500 torr), resolution 0.04 torr. Factory calibrated in torr, atm, inches Hg,
kPa. Leur-lock input fitting.

MicroLab Multi-purpose Sensor Inputs (2)
Industry-standard Category-5 data connectors accept MicroLab sensors (temperature, light, and many more) and user-designed sensors.

Voltage input: ± 2500 mV, Resolution 76 μV

Current input: ± 25.0 mA, 2.5 mA,
250 μA Resolution 0.76 μA 0.076 μA,
0.0076μA Digital to analog

converter (DAC) output: ± 2.5 volts,
0-5 volts, 25 mA, 1 millivolt steps

Digital input: TTL Logic Levels.
Amber LED indicates Logic 1 input.

Digital output: TTL Logic Levels. Source or sink 25 mA. Green LED indicates Logic 1 output. Software control of experiments

Sensor power supply: ±5 VDC, 50 mA, regulated

Heater: 12 VDC, 0–10-watt, pulse width modulation, constant temperature with proportional control

Magnetic Stirring: 1-12 rev/sec, reversible.

Sample Illumination: Adjustable, automatic off during spectrophotometer scan.

Electroplating / Coulometry: Adjustable / Regulated 0-5 VDC 750 mA, logs voltage, current, coulombs, moles of electrons delivered.

Thermocouple: Industrial type K thermocouple input, -200 to + 1000 OC, resolution 0.04 oC

Banana Jack Voltage Input: Four ranges, software selected. ± 10 volts, ± 2.5 volts, ±1.0 volts, ± 100 mV Resolution 300 μV, 76 μV, 30 μV, 3 μV

Conductance: 0-2000 μS, resolution 0.03μS, 0-20,000 μS, resolution 0.3 μS

Counter: TTL logic levels, for drop counter and radiation counters.

Software-controlled timer: Read in seconds, minutes, hours. Resolution 0.001 seconds. Real time clock, programmable.

FASTspec™ Scanning Spectrophotometer: 360-880 nm, Simultaneous Fluorescence/ Absorbance / Scatter / Transmission, Color comparisons, Water quality tests. Timed Kinetics at up to 16 simultaneous wavelengths. Turbidity & nephelometry at 880 nm international standard wavelength. Visual Fluorescence. Quantitative fluorescence and scatter with 16 excitation wavelengths. Chromatographic fraction analysis, spectrophotometric titrations.

Power Supply: 90-264 VAC, international power supply, or 12VDC for battery-powered field operation.
Sensor Calibration: Any sensor that produces a voltage or a current in ranges about and fits a linear, log, power, or polynomial response.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, 8, & 10, Macintosh with Windows Emulators.
MicroLAB Multi-Purpose CAT-5 Input Connections: Pin 1 (white/orange stripe) -5 VDC Pin 2 (orange) TTL Digital in Pin 3 (white/green stripe) Digital Out Pin 4 (blue) Voltage-In, Pin 5 (blue/white stripe) DAC Out Pin 6 (green) Ground Pin 7 (white/brown stripe) Current-In Pin 8 (brown) +5 VDC