Model 234-Electoplating/Conductivity Module

Model 234-Electoplating/Conductivity Module

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This rugged module is a battery-powered instrument for electroplating and conductivity experiments. Visual readout is provided for electron flow through the sample.

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This module provides students an opportunity to see electrons in motion – as they move through conductive materials, as they transfer charge through ionic solutions, and as they drive oxidation and reduction in electroplating experiments. Power is supplied by two AA batteries which can be switched to provide 1.6 volts or 3.2 volts. Voltages are safe for student use, and the design is current limiting for short circuits to protect the batteries and other components. Electron motion is monitored visually with an industrial-grade incandescent light bulb run at low temperature so students can observe subtle changes in current flow by watching changes in the color temperature of the filament.

Typical Experiments:
• Electroplating
• Classification of materials as metals (conductors) or insulators (non-metals).
• Demonstration of ionic conduction in solutions


Electroplating / Conductivity module

PowerTwo AA batteriesTest LeadAlligator clip, 18 “ color coded test lead wire.
Power outputSwitch selectable, 1.6 VDC, 3.2 VDCCurrent IndicatorIncandescent panel lamp