Model 226P IR Drop Counter & clamp

Model 226P IR Drop Counter & clamp

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The MicroLab drop counter optically counts drops that pass in front of the detector surface.

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The MicroLab drop counter features patented technology to accurately and reproducibly count drops passing through the sensor’s active volume – a sphere about 1 cm in diameter immediately adjacent to the sensor. The sensor is made from a chemically resistant material Delrin, with a 3/8 inch aluminum mounting rod.
Microlab’s drop counter works on the front-surface reflection of infra-red light from the drop. Competing drop counters depend on the drop to refract the light beam and thus, require critical alignment. Microlab’s front-surface reflection scatters the reflected infrared light over a wide area, maintaining accurate counting even if the sensor is jostled. Internal circuits measure and compensate for changing light in the room and for fragmented drops.
A red LED flashes on the drop counter each time a drop is detected. The sensor includes holes to mount temperature and pH sensors. The drop counter is intended to be used with the MicroLab Model 154 constant volume drop dispenser or the Model 226 automated drop dispenser.

Volume experiments:
• Volume of solutions: titrations and reactions
• Strong and weak titrations with strong base
• Determination of pKa
• Illustration of buffers and buffer regions
• Choice and use of chemical indicators

Typical Experiments:
• Acid-base titration curves
• First and second derivative plots to determine end points
• Choice of chemical indicators for strong acid / weak acid / strong base titrations
• Location of buffer regions
• Determination of acid equilibrium constants, pKa.
• With temperature sensor, comparison of heat of reaction for neutralization of mono and polyprotic acids.

Drop Counter:

Power5 VDC, from MicroLab FS-528Sensor dimension20 cm long including 13 cm rod and clamp to mount to ring stand.
Drop RateUp to 40 drops/sec limited by fragmented drop circuit. In practices, aqueous drops congeal into a stream at about 8 drops per second.SupportNon-corroding ring stand clamp included
ResolutionOne dropOutputTTL Logic Pulse