Model 116- Gas Pressure Apparatus

Model 116- Gas Pressure Apparatus

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Gas Pressure Apparatus

A kit of useful Luer gas / liquid connectors, syringes, and hose.

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The MicroLab Gas Pressure Apparatus is a kit of useful but hard to find Leur fittings, syringes, and stopcocks. These often may only be purchased in 100 unit lots from medical supply houses. These medical-quality components may be used and reused to assemble student-designed gas or liquid handling systems.

Gas Pressure experiments:

• Boyle’s Law
• Gay-Lussac Law
• Absolute Zero
• Vapor Pressure
• Gas production and stoichiometry

Gas Pressure Apparatus

60 mL Leur syringe1Leur “On-off” stopcock1
3 mL Leur syringe1Luer 3-way stopcock3
Vertical Leur fitting to stopper112 inch, 1/8” hose with Leur ends2
Right angle Leur fitting to stopper1Extra hose end1
Leur “T” fitting1


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