Model 109K-Thermocouple with cord and plug

Model 109K-Thermocouple with cord and plug

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Thermocouple Temperature Probe

MicroLab’s rugged stainless-steel thermocouple temperature probe
provides fast, accurate measurement of temperatures in the range -200 °C to + 1000 °C.

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MicroLab’s Type-K thermocouple can be used in room temperature experiments that require small temperature changes as well as with extremely low and high temperature measurements. The probe comes with a standard miniature thermocouple connector. The thermocouple junction – a small bead of two dissimilar metals welded together – is electrically insulated within the sealed 1/8 inch diameter stainless steel shaft. The MicroLab FS-528’s thermocouple connector can also accept small, low-mass wire Type K thermocouples that use the same miniature

Typical Experiments:
This thermocouple temperature probe is ideal for experiments involving:

  • High temperature measurements – such as mapping flames.
  • Low temperature measurements involving dry ice / acetone cold baths (-78 OC) or liquid nitrogen.
  • Change of state – melting points, boiling points, supercooling.
  • Physical properties – specific heat.
  • Heat of reaction – endothermic or exothermic reactions.
  • Gas laws, absolute zero


Thermocouple Temperature Probe

Range-200 °C to + 1000 °CSensor length15 cm
AccuracyFactory calibration ± 2 °C. Accuracy can be
improved by ice-point calibration with
MicroLab software
Cable length120 cm, coiled cord
Resolution± 0.04 °CConnectorStandard miniature thermocouple connector


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