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Software updates are announced through email and on our website. This page provides the most up to date versions of microLAB software for all microLAB interfaces.

microLAB software runs on PCs with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Macs with Windows emulators installed.

Remember to download the software that corresponds with your microLAB interface.

Software Downloads & Instructions: 

USB driver installation instructions are available in the "Getting Started" flyer 


  • The latest software version for the FS-528 is 528-8.5.12, released January 5, 2018.
  • The FS-528 is at the beginning of its life-cycle; periodic software updates will be released several times a year activating new measurement and analysis capability.  The FS-528 will continue to grow in capability throughout its service life.
  • The user interface for the FS-528 has the same functionally as the FS-522/524 with additional capabilities.  Student lab materials written for the 522/524 can be used without modification with the 528.


  • The FS-522/524 instruments are still supported for factory repair if required and bug fixes are released as they are identified.  The microLAB FS-522/524 has been replaced in the microLAB product line with the FS-528.  The FS-522/524 series, introduced in 2006, is at the end of its technological life-cycle and will no longer receive new capability software upgrades.  
  • The latest software version for the FS-522/524 series is 522-524-6.3.4, released August 7, 2017.

Software for microLAB FS-528

Fourteen icons represent the current family of programs for the microLAB FS-528.   

  • The microLAB Experiment builder is a blank canvas on which students can easily plan experiments, calibrate sensors, set up data displays, conduct experiments, and analyze data. 
  • The remaining sixteen Instrument Experiments provide colorful visual, digital, and graphical displays specific to spectroscopy and electro-chemistry topics. Data analysis tools are built-in to support  immediate evaluation of data.
  • Pre-written Experiments offer a quick-start option where the experiments require minimal set up.
  • Hand Entry programs allow students use microLAB’s data visualization and analysis tools with hand-entered data.  

Color comparisons program is in development as of October 2017.

*Version 8.4.6 (released 9/9/2017)

Help Desk: Software >>

Software for microLAB FS-522/524

Ten icons represent the family of programs for the microLAB FS-528.   The microLAB icon calls up the general-purpose microLAB "Experiment Builder" software.  The Spectrophotometer icon calls up four spectrophotometer programs.

Version 6.3.4 (released 8/7/2017)

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