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Software updates are announced through email and on our website. This page provides the most up to date versions of microLAB software for all microLAB interfaces.

microLAB software runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Remember to download the software that corresponds with your microLAB interface.

Software Downloads & Instructions: 

To aid in the installation of the microLAB software, please download the "Getting Started" flyer to ensure a proper software download and installation. The "microLAB Experiment Builder" pdf will give you a guide to using the software efficiently and guide you through setting an experiment up for the first time.

Download the latest FS-528 Software Update

Software for microLAB FS-528

Improvements in version 528-9.1.4 (September, 2020) since version 528-8.9.23 (December, 2019)

In the Experiment Builder:

- Change the status indicators to more clearly indicate the steps in the process:  

  [Plan], [Collect Data], [Analyze/Evaluate]. 

- Prompt the user for an experiment name when choosing the first sensor. 

- When choosing a sensor, show a reminder that it can be dragged to a graph axis or a column in the data table.  

- Update the display for the heater to indicate the power being sent.  This was made necessary by industry-wide changes in the design of plug-in power supplies that made the heater using a light bulb obsolete.  The ceramic heating element that replaced the light bulb gives no visual clue as to how it is working, so that information is now shown in the heater's on-screen display.


In Electrochemistry:

- For the Nernst equation, allow only Ag/AgCl and Standard Hydrogen as references. 

- For the Nernst equation, choosing the Ag/AgCl reference now presents the option of using a 0.221 V offset to allow for the voltage of the reference electrode.

- Add an interactive screen that clearly demonstrates why the Nernst equation requires kelvin temperatures, instead of Celsius.  This is based on the data that the student has just collected.


In the Spectrophotometer:

- For kinetics, add the option of choosing a domain of values before applying a curve fit.



- In the spectrophotometer, fixed the placement of buttons that were sometimes overlapped. 

- In the spectrophotometer, removed a flashing rectangle that sometimes appeared during a blank scan.



Download legacy software for FS-522:

Software for microLAB FS-522/524

The latest software version for the FS-522/524 series is 522-524-6.3.4, released August 7, 2017.  This is the final update for the 522/524 series software.  

The FS-522/524 instruments are still supported for factory repair if required and bug fixes are released as they are identified.  The microLAB FS-522/524 has been replaced in the microLAB product line with the FS-528.  The FS-522/524 series, introduced in 2006, is at the end of its technological life-cycle and will no longer receive new capability software upgrades.  

Ten icons represent the family of programs for the microLAB FS-528.   The microLAB icon calls up the general-purpose microLAB "Experiment Builder" software.  The Spectrophotometer icon calls up four spectrophotometer programs.

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