Model 528-I (Introductory) Package

Model 528-I (Introductory) Package

Price: $979.00

The microLAB FS-528 Introduction Package is optimized to allow for the investigation of a broad range
of laboratory concepts. This package includes:

• microLAB FS-528 Interface and ongoing software development
• Model 103- Thermistor
• Model 133- Voltage Lead
• Model 183- Vial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar
• Model 2011- Gas Pressure Syringe

APPLICATIONS: Spectroscopy, Beer’s Law, Calorimetry, Gas Laws, Titrations, Electrochemistry
FEATURES: Covers a Broad Range of Chemistry Topics, Great Starter Pack

Technical Description

The microLAB FS-528 Introduction package includes integrated FASTspec™ 380-880 nm scanning
spectrophotometer, 0-2 atm pressure sensor, rotating magnetic field stirring, and 0–5-volt, 750 mA
regulated power supply in the microLAB FS-528 Interface. The package also includes
a Thermistor, Voltage Lead, Vial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with 2 Stir Bars and Light Shield, and a Gas Pressure Syringe. All packages start with the 528-I package.

Technical Specifications

Instrument Performance Specifications
BNC Input:
pH 0-14 pH, resolution 0.0015 pH unit.
Standard industrial pH electrode.
REDOX: ± 2500 mV, resolution 76 μV Standard industrial
REDOX electrode.
Dissolved Oxygen, Galvanic sensor 0-14 mg/L, resolution 0.0025 mg/L.
Ion Selective Electrodes ± 2500 mV.
Uses standard industrial BNC IS electrodes.
Pressure: 0-2 atm (0-1500 torr), resolution 0.04 torr. Factory calibrated in torr, atm, inches Hg,
kPa. Leur-lock input fitting.
MicroLab Multi-purpose Sensor Inputs (2)
Industry-standard Category-5 data connectors accept
MicroLab sensors (temperature, light, and many
more) and user-designed sensors.

Voltage input: ± 2500 mV, Resolution 76 μV
Current input: ± 25.0 mA, 2.5 mA,
250 μA Resolution 0.76 μA 0.076 μA,
0.0076μA Digital to analog
converter (DAC) output: ± 2.5 volts,
0-5 volts, 25 mA, 1 millivolt steps
Digital input: TTL Logic Levels .
Amber LED indicates Logic 1 input.
Digital output: TTL Logic Levels. Source or sink 25 mA. Green LED indicates Logic 1
output. Software control of experiments
Sensor power supply: ±5 VDC, 50 mA, regulated

Heater: 12 VDC, 0–10-watt, pulse width modulation, constant temperature with proportional
Magnetic Stirring: 1-12 rev/sec, reversible.
Sample Illumination: Adjustable, automatic off during spectrophotometer scan.
Electroplating / Coulometry: Adjustable / Regulated 0-5 VDC
750 mA, logs voltage, current, coulombs, moles of electrons
Thermocouple: Industrial type K thermocouple input, -200 to + 1000 OC, resolution 0.04 oC
Banana Jack Voltage Input: Four ranges, software selected. ± 10 volts, ± 2.5 volts, ±1.0 volts, ±
100 mV
Resolution 300 μV, 76 μV, 30 μV, 3 μV
Conductance: 0-2000 μS, resolution 0.03μS, 0-20,000 μS, resolution 0.3 μS
Counter: TTL logic levels, for drop counter and radiation counters.
Software-controlled timer: Read in seconds, minutes, hours. Resolution 0.001 seconds. Real
time clock, programmable.
FASTspec™ Scanning Spectrophotometer: 360-880 nm, Simultaneous Fluorescence/
Absorbance / Scatter / Transmission, Color comparisons, Water quality tests. Timed Kinetics at
up to 16 simultaneous wavelengths. Turbidity & nephelometry at 880 nm international
standard wavelength. Visual Fluorescence. Quantitative fluorescence and scatter with 16
excitation wavelengths. Chromatographic fraction analysis, spectrophotometric titrations.
Power Supply: 90-264 VAC, international power supply, or 12VDC for battery-powered field
Sensor Calibration: Any sensor that produces a voltage or a current in ranges about and fits a
linear, log, power, or polynomial response.
Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, 8, & 10, Macintosh with Windows
MicroLAB Multi-Purpose CAT-5 Input Connections: Pin 1 (white/orange stripe) -5 VDC Pin
2 (orange) TTL Digital in Pin 3 (white/green stripe) Digital Out Pin 4 (blue) Voltage-In, Pin 5
(blue/white stripe) DAC Out Pin 6 (green) Ground Pin 7 (white/brown stripe) Current-In
Pin 8 (brown) +5 VDCx

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