Model 428B-VERSA Basic Package

Model 428B-VERSA Basic Package

Price: $599

The microLAB Versa 428 Package is optimized to support an investigation of a broad range of laboratory concepts. Spectrophotometry is not included in this package. This package includes:

  • microLAB Versa-428 Interface
  • Model 103- Thermistor
  • Model 133- Voltage Lead
  • Model 2011- Gas Pressure Syringe

APPLICATIONS: Thermochemistry, Gas Laws, Electrochemistry, Energy of Light (Planck’s Constant),

Technical Description

The Basic MicroLab Versa 428-B package includes an integrated Energy of Light (Planck’s Constant) experiment with visual and graphic monitoring of LED band gap energies from UV to IR. When the Versa Spectrophotometer and Light Sensor are added, it becomes an integrated chemistry measurement system.

Transmission/Scatter/Fluorescence nine-wavelength 383-880 nm spectrophotometer with manual wavelength selection. Basic measurements include temperature, voltage, and a 0-2 atm pressure sensor. The Versa can be operated remotely; remote students can run the control and analyze data from a Versaexperiment on an instructor’s desk via mouse control with Zoom or other internet conferencing software. This package also includes a Thermistor, Voltage Lead, a Gas Pressure Syringe, and a USB cable.

Instrument Performance Specifications

BNC Input: pH 0-14 pH, resolution 0.0015 pH unit.
Standard industrial pH electrode.

REDOX: ± 2500 mV, resolution 76 μV Standard industrial
REDOX electrode.

Dissolved Oxygen, Galvanic sensor 0-14 mg/L, resolution 0.0025 mg/L.
Ion Selective Electrodes ± 2500 mV.

Uses standard industrial BNC IS electrodes.

Pressure: 0-2 atm (0-1500 torr), resolution 0.04 torr. Factory calibrated in torr, atm, inches Hg, kPa. Leur-lock input fitting.

Temperature: Stainless steel 6” shaft thermistor, -10 to + 110 0 Celsius, ± 0.020 C resolution.

MicroLab Multi-purpose Sensor Input (1)
Industry-standard Category-5 data connector accepts
MicroLab sensors (temperature, light, and many more) and user-designed sensors.

Voltage input: ± 5000mV, Resolution 130 μV

Current input: ± 2.5 mA, Resolution
.076 μA,
Digital to analog converter (DAC)

output: ± 2.5 volts, 0-5 volts, 25 mA,
1 millivolt steps

Digital input: TTL Logic Levels.
Amber LED indicates Logic 1 input.

Digital output: TTL Logic Levels. Source or sink 25 mA. Green LED indicates Logic 1
output. Software control of experiments

Sensor power supply: ±5 VDC, 50 mA, regulated

Banana Jack Voltage Input: ± 5 volts, Resolution 150 μV.

Counter: TTL logic levels, for drop counter and radiation counters.

Software-controlled timer: Read in seconds, minutes, hours. Resolution 0.001 seconds. Real-time clock, programmable.

Energy of Light: Demonstrates energy/color and energy/frequency relationships for light. Students measure and observe bandgap energy and light emission for seven LED’s, violet to IR. The software helps them determine Planck’s Constant within about ± 5%.

Power Supply: Powered via USB cable from the host computer.

Sensor Calibration: Any sensor that produces a voltage or a current in ranges about and fits a linear, log, power, or polynomial response.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, 8, & 10, Macintosh with Windows Emulators.

MicroLAB Multi-Purpose CAT-5 Input Connections: Pin 1 (white/orange stripe) -5 VDC Pin 2 (orange) TTL Digital in Pin 3 (white/green stripe) Digital Out Pin 4 (blue) Voltage In Pin 5 (blue/white stripe) DAC Out Pin 6 (green) Ground Pin 7 (white/brown stripe) Current In Pin 8 (brown) +5 VDC.