Model 2260 Syringe Drop Dispenser

Model 2260 Syringe Drop Dispenser

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Syringe-Based Drop Counter

The Model 2260 Syringe-Based Drop Dispenser is an inexpensive alternative to a burette.

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The MicroLab syringed-based drop counter is an inexpensive alternative to a burette. Students control the drop rate with the 2 stopcocks and read the volume delivered with the graduated markings on the syringe body


FEATURES: Robust, Inexpensive, Lightweight

Volume experiments:

  • Volume of solutions: titrations and reactions
  • Strong and weak titrations with strong base
  • Determination of pKa
  • Illustration of buffers and buffer regions
  • Choice and use of chemical indicators

Typical Experiments:

  • Acid-base titration curves
  • First and second derivative plots to determine end points
  • Choice of chemical indicators for strong acid / weak acid / strong base titrations
  • Location of buffer regions
  • Determination of acid equilibrium constants, pKa.
  • With temperature sensor, comparison of heat of reaction for neutralization of mono and polyprotic acids.