Model 186-vial pack – 528 w/adapters (5)3mL, (5)11mL

Model 186-vial pack – 528 w/adapters (5)3mL, (5)11mL

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Vial Pack, FS-528 3, 11 mL (w/adapters)

Smaller vials with different path lengths for spectrophotometric
measurements with the FS-528.

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A set of spectrophotometer vials to be used with the FS-528 interface. The vials (five of each size) are of two different volumes and path lengths – 3 mL = 1.10 cm path length; 11 mL = 1.66 cm path length. Adapters for each vial size hold the vial centered in the light beam in the FS-528 spectrophotometer.

Smaller vials require less sample and because of their shorter path length, can use more concentrated solutions while still allowing enough light through the sample for reliable absorbance readings.

The three vials can be used to illustrate the effect of the path length variable in Beer’s Law:

A = abC, where A= Absorbance, a = molar absorptivity constant, b = path length, and C = concentration

Using the same solution, and resetting the blank for each vial path length, students can demonstrate that a plot of Absorbance against path length is a straight line. This indicates that, for a constant concentration and sample identity (molar absorptivity constant), Absorbance is directly proportional to path length.

Spectrophotometry experiments:

• Spectral profiles
• Beer’s Law
• Path Length
• Spectrophotometric Kinetics
• Turbidity
• Fluorescence
• Stirred spectrophotometric titrations
• Controlled temperature kinetics

Vial Pack, FS-528, 3, 11 mL, ( w/ adapters)

3 mL vial, 1.10 cm path length5Adapter, 3 mL vial to FS-528 spectrophotometer1
11 mL vial, 1.66 cm path length5Adapter, 11 mL vial to FS-528 spectrophotometer1
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