Model 160 – Conductance Electrode

Model 160 – Conductance Electrode

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Conductance Probe

MicroLab’s Conductance probe is a rugged industrial conductance sensor.
This maintenance-free probe is useful for water quality and ionization
measurements, and for conductance titrations. It measures solution
conductivity 0-2000 uS and 0-20,000 uS, 0 to 70 °C.

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The MicroLab conductance probe to accurately measure the conductance of solutions. For example, the sensor is very useful for exploring chemical concepts such as solubility, weak and strong electrolytes, and acids/bases can be explored easily. This sensor is a standard industrial conductance electrode. The body of the probe is rugged epoxy and is practically unbreakable. The electrode has two non-reactive carbon electrodes, sized and spaced to provide a 1.0 cell constant – defined as two 1 cm2 electrodes spaced 1.0 cm apart. For highly ionic solutions, such as sea water, an alternate version of this cell with a 0.10 cell constant – 1/10 the electrode area and sensitivity – is available.

It is important to soak the conductance electrode prior to use to ensure that the carbon electrode surfaces are hydrated. If conductance electrodes are not rinsed carefully before storage, salt deposits will evaporate onto the carbon electrode surfaces and will destroy the accuracy of the measurement when the electrode is next used. Contaminated electrodes can be cleaned by soaking for four hours in dilute (4M) hydrochloric acid and then rinsing well with deionized water. A plastic cover is provided to keep the electrode surfaces clean when in storage.

Typical Experiments:

This Conductance probe is ideal for experiments involving:
• Determination of conductance of unknown solutions.
• Monitoring ionization and ion content of solutions
• Creating conductance titration curves and determining end points.
• Monitoring salinity and water quality – defined as total dissolved solids (TDS)


Conductance Probe

Range0-2000 uS, 0-20,000 uS 0- 70°CSensor dimension150 mm long, 12 mm diameter
Cell constant1.0Cable length91 cm
Resolution2000 uS, ± 0.03 uS, 20,000 uS, ± 0.3 uSConnector3.5 mm mini-stereo phone plug