Model 152- Multi-Echem half cell module

Model 152- Multi-Echem half cell module

Price: $59.00


MicroLab’s Model 152 Mult-EChem Half Cell Module provides a low cost and highly visual way to help students understand electron transfer reactions and the Electrochemical Series. It has space for eight user-designated metal / metal ion half cells. Each half cell equally accesses a central potassium nitrate salt bridge through a replaceable porous cylinder with 20-50 micron pores. This barrier prevents mixing of the half-cell solution and provides adequate motion of ions to maintain an extremely stable cell voltage. A milled “overflow” area prevents spills and mixing of solutions. It can be used with any DC voltmeter or lab interface.

Care of the Mult-EChem Module

Soak the half-cell module overnight in 0.1 M—1M KNO3 solution overnight before use to fill the pores. You can keep the module damp during a week of use by zipping it into a quart freezer bag.

Rinse with DI water after use and store dry. If you need to remove ions from the porous cylinder, soak overnight in 1M KNO3 solution, rinse and repeat the soak / rinse cycle three times. If each treatment removes 99% of the metal ions, the third treatment will have the metal ion concentration down to 1×10-6 or one millionth of the initial value.

Students can determine the order of the electrochemical series by comparing the direction of electron flow and the voltage produced by a series of metal / ion half cells and a reference half cell. A positive voltmeter reading indicates that electrons are running from the oxidation reaction into the voltmeter’s black lead and out of the red lead to the reduction reaction.