Model 141-CPM16° – cell phone camera mount & clamp

Model 141-CPM16° – cell phone camera mount & clamp

Price: $50.00

Versatile cell phone mount attaches a cell phone to the Visual Spectrometer. The camera field is centered at 550 nm.

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Cell Phone Spectral Measurements

SKU: 141CPM-16

The 16-degree cell phone mount attaches to the visual spectrometer to capture photographs of line emission spectra and absorption spectra.
The 16-degree tilt of the mount places the center of spectral photographs at 550 nm. When used with the 141FOC fiber optic cable and a known
reference source (helium or mercury discharge tubes, for example), the cell phone photograph may be calibrated to ± 1 nm accuracy.

Typical Experiments:
• Line vs band spectra – gaseous and solid sources of light
• Emission spectra as an elemental fingerprint
• Demonstration of absorption bands of colored liquids.


16-degree cell phone mount

VersatilityWill accept almost any cell phone
Mount angle16-degrees, to center photograph at
550 nm.