Why microLAB?

Teaching chemistry can seem like a balancing act.  For many, enrollment is up and lab space/facilities are limited. 

The pressure is on for:

• effective learning

• efficient use of lab time

• a safe learning environment

• minimal chemical cost and waste

• development of inquiry skills

• green solutions

microLAB's team stands ready to offer more than 250 years of college/university teaching and research experience.

A Reliable Small Sample Laboratory

The microLAB FS-528 instrument and software is an integrated small sample laboratory that produces research-quality data.  microLAB provides a 5 year warranty on electronic products with a record of only about 0.2% return of devices for repair per year.  

All electronics are manufactured by a ISO-9001 certified factory in the USA.

A good laboratory provides three kinds of tools:

  1. Physical Tools to manage sample and experimental conditions
  2. Electronic Tools to measure
  3. Software Tools to plan, collect data, and visualize, analyze, and evaluate the experiment

Tools to Measure 

The microLAB FS-528 has a built-in spectrophotometer to measure fluorescence, absorbance, scatter, and transmission in the 360-880 nm range. In addition, the unit has an integrated gas pressure sensor and voltage output for electrochemistry experiments. The FS-528 includes ports that expand the capabilities to include the measurement of temperature, pH, light, counts, conductance, voltage, and time.

Tools to Measure

Tools to Manage

The microLAB FS-528 has built in capabilities to illuminate, stir, heat, electrically charge, and irradiate a sample. These tools are easily controlled in the microLAB software and can be used to set experimental conditions. 

Tools to manage

Tools to Think 

The efficient design of the microLAB interface and software provide quick feedback on data collection that allow students to analyze their data while still in lab.  Students can collect, visualize, graph, analyze, and evaluate their data all within microLAB's experiment programs.

Tools to Think

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