Shayna Burchett, Ph.D.


Shayna earned an A.A. from State Fair Community College (SFCC), a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Physics and Mathematics from Central Methodist University (CMU), and a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Shayna has been involved in chemical education since 2010. She is co-head of the Chemistry Department at SFCC, adjunct chemistry professor at CMU, and the chemistry faculty at Sacred Heart High School.

Shayna currently instructs Introduction to Chemistry with lab (hybrid, face-to-face, and online), General Chemistry I and II with lab (hybrid and face-to-face), and Organic Chemistry I and II with lab (hybrid and face-to-face) at SFCC. She teaches Quantitative Analysis with lab, Biochemistry with lab, Physical Chemistry -Thermodynamics with lab, and Physical Chemistry- Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics with lab at CMU. This wide range of student maturity is a reflection of her passion for the science of chemical education.

The development, analysis, and dissemination of curriculum assessment are part of Shayna’s duties in the Chemistry Department at SFCC. Shayna has worked with publishers and faculty to implement the resulting dynamic curricula utilized by the Department.

Shayna has been passionately involved in SFCC's online Introduction to Chemistry course from inception in 2010 to the current curriculum and equipment utilized.  Shayna continues to design the in-class-room evaluation of lab kit choices.  SFCC currently packs their own lab kit (25 per semester). 

Shayna has four publications, two textbooks, and has been invited to give multiple presentations on various aspects of chemical education and student motivation.

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