Tools to Measure


The microLAB FS-528 has an automatic and programmable timer built in. The built in timers can record time with a resolution of 0.001 s.

pH/ redox/ Dissolve Oxygen

The microLAB FS-528 can accept pH, redox and dissolved oxygen probes through the built in BNC connection.  The microLAB software records data from any one of these probes during an experiment.


The built in pressure sensor of the microLAB FS-528 has the capability to read pressures ranging from 0-2000 torr with a resolution of 0.03 torr.  The Gas Pressure Syringe connects to the FS-528 through a Leur lock fitting on the front of the instrument. 


The microLAB FS-528 interface connects to two different temperature sensors; the Thermistor operates optimally between -10 to 100°C with a resolution down to 0.001°C of accuracy of ±0.2°C and the Thermocouple operates optimally between -200 to 1000°C with a resolution of 0.04°C and an accuracy of ±0.2 °C.


The microLAB FS-528 unit includes the patented FASTspec™ spectrometer.  The FASTspec™ point measurements report a photometric precision of better than ±0.1 %. Students can measure fluorescence, absorbance, scatter, and transmission with the built-in spectrophotometer.

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The patented IR Drop Counter connects to the microLAB FS-528 to provide reliable measurements of incremental volumes added over time.  


The Conductance Probe connects to the microLAB FS-528 to provide high (0-200 mS/cm, resolution of 0.5 mS/cm) and low (0.200 mS/cm, resolution 0.05 mS/cm) range conductivity of solutions.


The built-in power supply, built-in voltmeter, and Cyclic Voltammetry Module work seamlessly with the microLAB FS-528 to provide opportunities to explore electrochemistry topics.

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