We've taken the power of microLAB technology and placed it in a safe, compact interface that brings the chemistry lab directly to your students. With multiple options for capability expansion you can customize the functionality to fit your curriculum, making the microLAB VERSA the ideal choice for any remote or home-school chemistry course taught at high-school or university levels. Fully loaded, this interface is capable of running real, interactive experiments that cover 85% of topics covered in freshman chemistry courses. 

  • Spectrophotometry
    • light and energy, absorbance bands and color, Beer's Law, kinetics, turbidity, florescence
  • Molecular Motion

    • Celcius and Absolute Temperature, gas pressure, gas laws, change of state, heat of reaction
  • Proton Transfer | Acid-Base Chemistry

    • pH, indicators, buffers, stirred titrations
  • Electron Transfer | Electrochemistry

    • oxidation-reduction, Electrochemical Series, Nernst Variables

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