Model 141Q - Visual Spectrometer - Quantitative Kit

Price: $379

The Model 141Q provides an affordable way to quantify the intensity of light passing through a solution using the Visual Spectrometer, the included reference LED light sources, and a LUX meter app from a cell phone.


Quick Facts

Applications: Spectroscopy, Beer's Law, Absorbance Spectra

Features: Handheld, With Cell Phones Light can be Quantified

Technical Description

This package offers hands on exploration of transmission of light through a sample.  This package includes the Model Visual Spectrometer, several LED light sources, and a 90° mirror reflector to direct light onto a cell phone's light detector.  With a smartphone, a student can measure the intensity of light that passes through a sample with variable light sources. 

Technical Specifications

Cell Phone Adapter:

90° Reflector

Diffraction Grating:

500 lines/mm


±1 nm

Full Width Half Maximum:

4 nm


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