Vial Pack for FastSpec 528 14 mL (5) and 28 mL (5) (Stir Bar Included)

Price: $17.25

The Model 183 14 mL and 28 mL vials are for use in the microLAB spectrometer. The included stir bar fits inside all vials and can be used in conjunction with the built in magnetic stirring of the microLAB FS-528.  Black cover fits over the small short vials to ensure accurate data collection with the spectrometer.  


Quick Facts

Applications: Spectroscopy, Colormetric Titrations

Features: Stir Bar to Ensure Proper Mixing During Titrations, Various Sizes, Durable

Technical Description

This pack of vials allows for different spectroscopy experiments to be explored. The small 14 mL vials are good for Beer's Law experiments while the larger 28 mL vials are sufficient for kinetic and titration based spectroscopic experiments.  The included stir bar fits in both vial sizes and can ensure good solution mixing during a titration experiments.

Technical Specifications


  • 5-14 mL Vials; 2.25 cm path length
  • 5-28 mL Vials; 2.25 cm path length
  • 1- Stir Bar


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