Vial Pack for FS-522/524

Price: $18

The Model 180 vial pack provides three path lengths to be used with the FS-522/524 Interfaces. The kit includes:

  • 4 Vials; (7 mL) 1.46 cm path length
  • 4 Vials; (11 mL) 1.67 cm path length
  • 4 Vials; (15 mL) 2.25 cm path length


Quick Facts

Applications: Spectroscopy, Chemical Kinetics, ColormetricTitrations

Features: Inexpensive, Durable, Easy to Clean

Technical Description

The sample holder of all microLab FASTspecTM Interfaces can accommodate vials with diameters of 14.45 mm, 16.65 mm, and 22.45 mm. Each Vial Pack contains 4 of each size vial for a total of 12 vials. One can compensate for more concentrated samples by choosing a vial with a shorter path length, or experimentally demonstrate the effect of path length on absorbance using all three vial sizes.

The FS-522/524 has inset wells to allow for each of the vials to fit into the spectrometer without the need of adapters.

Technical Specifications


  • 4 Vials; 1.445 cm path length
  • 4 Vials; 1.665 cm path length
  • 4 Vials; 2.25 cm path length


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