K-Type Thermocouple

Price: $64.50

The Model 109 Thermocouple functions in high temperature settings that cannot be measured using other methods.


Quick Facts

Applications: Melting Points, Measuring the Temperature of Kilns and Furnaces, Monitoring Reaction Temperatures

Features: Small, Durable, Lightweight, Coiled Cord

Technical Description

The microLAB stainless steel Thermocouple is a type “K” chromel/alumel thermocouple ideal for extreme temperature measurements and flame mapping experiments.

It can be used in place of thermometers in MelTemp ™ or other melting point devices, kilns, tube furnaces, muffle furnaces and heating mantles.  With this thermocouple, you can touch a hot plate mounted to aluminum block heaters and monitor the temperature of microscale organic reaction vials.  It is also an excellent alternative to the thermistor when linearity over a wide range of temperatures is required.

Technical Specifications

Temerature Range:



± 0.2° C


0.04° C

Probe Length:


Overall Length:


microLAB Input:

Flat 2 pin TC Connector


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