Sample Illumination Module

Price: $Part of all 528 interfaces not for individual sale.

The Sample Illumination Module is designed to reflect light from LED's on the FS-528 allowing students to watch color changes as a reaction is occurring during the data collection process. It also illuminates red and green to indicate the start and stop titrant additions.  It is built in the all 528 interfaces and can no longer be purchased separately.


Quick Facts

Applications: Titrations, Reaction Kinetics, Spectroscopy

Features: Durable, Low Optical Transperancy

Technical Description

The Sample Illumination Module reflects light from top-mounted LEDs on the microLAB FS-528.  The LEDs can then backlight a sample with reflected white light. While red and green LEDs indicate the "OK to add tirtant" or stop/stirring during a titration experiment. The module is built into all 528 interfaces. 

Technical Specifications



Outer Diameter:


Inner Diameter:



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