FastSpec 528 - C2 (Comprehensive Package)

Price: $1599

microLABS Comprehensive package includes our most comprehensive microLAB package available. The package includes:

  • microLAB FS-528 Interface  
  • Model 103- Thermistor (2)
  • Model 106- Sample Illumination Module
  • Model 107- Electrode Holder
  • Model 109- K-Type Thermocouple
  • Model 116- Gas Pressure Apparatus Kit
  • Model 121- General Purpose pH Probe
  • Model 125- Redox (ORP) Probe
  • Model 133- Voltage Lead
  • Model 136- 100 μL Micropipette
  • Model 151- Electrochemistry Metal Kit
  • Model 152- Multi-EChem Half Cell Module
  • Model 154- Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp
  • Model 160- Conductance Probe
  • Model 183- Vial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar
  • Model 186- Vial Kit-3 & 11 mL and (2) Adapters
  • Model 226- IR Drop Counter and Clamp 
  • Model 257- Constant Temperature Heater
  • Model 2011- Gas Pressure Syringe

*Items that are underlined, italicized, and bold are those that are not included in the Conductance Package.

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Quick Facts

Applications: Electrochemistry, Thermochemistry, Acid Base Chemistry, Titrations, Spectroscopy

Features: Durable, Full of Features, Allows for a Broad Range of Topics to be Covered

Technical Description

The microLAB FS-528 Comprehensive package includes integrated FASTspec™ 380-880 nm scanning spectrophotometer, 0-2 atm pressure sensor, rotating magnetice field stirring, and 0-5 volt, 750 mA regulated power supply in the microLAB FS-528 unit.  The package also includes a ThermistorSample Illumination ModuleElectrode Holder, K-Type Thermocouple, Transmitted Light Sensor,Gas Pressure Apparatus KitGeneral Purpose pH Probe,Redox (ORP) ProbeVoltage Lead100 μL MicropipetteElectrochemistry Metal KitMulti-EChem Half Cell ModuleConstant Volume Drop Dispenser and ClampConductance ProbeVial Pack- 14 and 28 mL with Stir Bar,Vial Kit-3 & 11 mL and Adapters,  IR Drop Counter and ClampConstant Temperature Heater, and Gas Pressure Syringe.


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