Electrochemistry Half Cell Module

Price: $59

The Model 152 Multi-EChem Half Cell Module's unique eight half cell design sharing a central salt bridge allows for a total of 28 galvanic cells in a single piece of equipment.


Quick Facts

Applications: Building an Electrochemical Series, Fundamentals of Electrochemistry

Features: Chemical Resistant, Holds 8 Metal Samples, Built In Salt Bridge

Technical Description

The Multi-EChem Half Cell Module has spaces for eight 2.5 mL half-cells, each equally accessing a central salt bridge through a porous cylinder. A milled “overflow” area prevents spills and mixing of solutions. This can be used with the Digital Multimeter or the FS-528 and Voltage Lead.

Technical Specifications

Minimum Required Volume:

2.5 mL

Solution Capacity:

3.2 mL

Salt Bridge Volume:

4 mL

Salt Bridge Material:

Pourous Polyethylene

Pore Size:

60 micron

Salt Bridge Thickness:

3.2 mm

Overall diameter:

10.1 cm

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