Gas Pressure Syringe

Price: $12

The Model 2011 gas pressure syringe is used to set the volume of gas samples, or to manually change the pressure of a gas experiment.


Quick Facts

Applications: Gas Laws

Features: Durable, Inexpensive, Easy to Use

Technical Description

The Model 2011 Gas Pressure Syringe is a calibrated, 60 mL syringe.   The volume in the syringe may be adjusted by moving the plunger in the syringe to the desired volume.  An included short flexible hose with a Luer fitting is used to connect the syringe to a microLAB gas pressure input, or to a Luer fitting in another gas experiment.

A three-way valve permits opening either the syringe or the hose to the microLAB pressure input to ambient pressure during set-up.  

The handle of the valve points to the valve input that is closed.

For Boyle's Law experiments, we recommend that students start the experiment at a volume of 20 mL and ambient pressure.   Then pull the plunger out to take volume/pressure readings at 5 mL increments.  It is difficult to pull hard enough to reduce the pressure by more than a factor of two (40 mL).

The internal pressure sensor in the microLAB will measure 0-2 atm pressure.   As a safety feature to protect the sensor, the hose will pop off the sensor at about 3 atm pressure.

By reducing instead of increasing pressure during the experiment, there is no possibility of blowing the hose off the sensor.   

Technical Specifications


60 mL


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