FastSpec 528 Interface

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The FS-528 is a spectrophotometer that operates in the range of 360-880nm. It simultaneous measures Fluorescense/ Absorbance / Scatter / Transmission for color comparisons, water quality tests, and timed kinetics activities at 16 wave lengths. Turbidity & nephelometry data is collected at 880 nm, the international standard wavelength.

Our newest interface, the microLAB FS-528 has added functionality and lower cost than the previous models.  By integrating the circuit boards for the FastSpec and Electrochemistry Module into the Interface circuit board, microLAB was able to dramatically reduce manufacturing costs and pass the savings on to you! 

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Quick Facts

Applications: Acid Base Chemistry, Titrations, Gas Laws, Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, Kinetics, Electrochemistry

Features: Robust, Small, Well Equipped, Easy to Use

Technical Description

The name microLAB takes on a new meaning with out 5th generation FS-528 Laboratory Data System.  The FS-528 is a true stand alone "Micro-Laboratory".  It provides a wide variety of measurement, analysis, and sample management tools and does so with near research grade precision.  The FS-528 includes five new functions beyond the previous models: software controlled rotating magnetic stirring, adjustable sample illumination, a Constant Temperature Heater, a regulated power supply, and a tactile control for interactive "real-time control" of experimental conditions.  All of this has been added on to the existing platform capable of measuring temperature, pH, redox potential, pressure, conductance, voltage, dissolved oxygen, time, and FASTspecTM technology for fluorescence, absorbance, transmittance, scatter and turbidity measurements.  

Technical Specifications

BNC Input:

pH 0-14, resolution 0.0015pH unit. Standard industrial pH electrode.

REDOX ± 2500 mV, resolution 76 μV. Standard industrial REDOX electrode.

Dissolved Oxygen, Galvanic sensor. 0-14mg/L, resolution 0.0025mg/L.

Ion Selective Electrodes ±2500 mV. Uses standard industrial BNC IS electrodes


0-2 atm (0-1500 torr) resolution 0.04 torr, Factory calibrated in torr, atm, inches Hg, kPa. Leur-lock input fitting

microLAB Multi-purpose Sensor Inputs (2):

Industry-standard Category-5 data connectors accept microLAB sensors.

Voltage input: ±2500mV, Resolution 76μV

Current input: ±25.0mA, 2.5mA, 250μA. Resolution 0.76μ, A0.076μA, 0.0076μA

Digital to analog converter (DAC) output, ±2.5 volts, 0-5 volts, 25mA, 1millivolt steps

Digital input: TTL Logic Levels. Amber LED indicates Logic 1 input.

Digital output: TTL Logic Levels. Source or sink 25mA. Green LED indicates Logic 1 output. Software control of experiments.

Sensor power supply: ±5VDC, 50mA, regulated


12VDC, 0-20 watt, pulse width modulation

Electroplating / Coulometry:

Adjustable / Regulated 0-5 VDC, 750 mA, logs voltage, current coulombs, moles of electrons delivered.


Industrial type K thermocouple input, -200 to + 1000°C, resolution 0.04°C

Banana Jack voltage Input:

Four ranges, software selected. ±10 volts, ±2.5 volts, ±1.0 volts, ±100mV. Resolution 300μV, 76μV, 30μV, 3μV.


0-2000μS, resolution 0.03μS

0-20,000μS, resolution 0.3μS


TTL logic levels, for drop counter and radiation counters.

Independent software-controlled timers:

Two timers. Read in seconds, minutes, hours. Resolution 0.001seconds. Real time clock, programmable.

FASTspec™ Scanning Spectrophotometer:

360-880nm, Simultaneous Fluorescense/ Absorbance / Scatter / Transmission, color comparisons, Water quality tests. Timed Kinetics at 16 wave lengths. Turbidity & nephelometry at 880 nm international standard wavelength.

Power Supply:

90-264 VAC, international power supply, or 12VDC for battery-powered field operation.


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