Energy of Light Module

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The Model 214 Energy of Light Module allows students to measure the band gap associated with various LED's. From this information, they can derive Planck's Constant.


Quick Facts

Applications Energy of Light, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Structure of the Atom

Features Measure Well Defined Wavelengths of Light, Simple and Clean Design, Easy to Use

Technical Description

Our Energy of Light Module uses the bandgap energy of light emitting diodes to demonstrate the energy and color of light.  Students select an LED on the module, increase the voltage until enough energy is supplied to initiate emission of light, and record the value. The applied energy forces electrons to jump the energy gap between the N (electron excess) and P (electron deficient) semi-conductor layers.  Students can explore, in a hands-on experiment, the relationship between energy, frequency and color.  A plot of the voltage required to turn the LED on versus wavelength will give a slope corresponding to Plank’s Constant.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Range:

0-4 V


Color / Wavelength

IR / 940 nm

IR / 880 nm

Red / 640 nm

Orange / 602 nm

Green / 568 nm

Green / 502 nm

Blue / 470 nm

Open / User-selected

Power Supply:

12 VAC power pack

microLAB Input:

CAT-5 Input A, B or C

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