Constant Volume Drop Dispenser and Clamp

Price: $85

The Model 154 Drop Dispenser is a cost effective alternative to a burette in a laboratory that withstands generations of student use.

Note: Constant Volume Drop Dispenser Clamp is included in this price.


Quick Facts

Applications: Titrations, Acid Base Chemistry

Features: Easy to Calibrate, Durable, Chemical Resistant

Technical Description

microLAB’s Constant Volume Drop Dispenser is a rugged, accurate and cost-effective alternative to a burette or plastic syringe for automated titrations. It is easily calibrated by weighing a counted number of drops and adding a formula in the microLAB software to convert number of drops to volume of titrant delivered. Its multi-turn industrial needle valve gives smooth and precise control of drop rate.

Technical Specifications

Titrant Reservoir:

50 mL

Drop Volume:

0.034 mL

Overall Length:

16.5 cm

Reservoir Diameter:

6.3 cm

Clamp Diameter:

3.8 cm


Polypropylene & Polycarbonate

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