Automated Drop Dispenser and Clamp

Price: $299

The Model 254 Automated Drop Dispenser allows for students to program the drop dispenser to operate for a predetermined period of time or until a data point is reached.

Note: Constant Volume Drop Dispenser Clamp is included in this price.


Quick Facts

Applications: Titrations, Introduction to Industrial Experimental Design

Features: Close Loop Control of Experiments, Constant Volume Delivery, Robust, Chemical Resistant

Technical Description

microLAB’s Automated Drop Dispenser adds a Teflon-lined industrial control solenoid with the standard Drop Dispenser. Operating under software control through the FS-528 multipurpose input, this drop dispenser stops titrations after a predetermined time period or when the solution reaches a predetermined pH, conductance, or other measured property. This control capability provides an introduction to the closed-loop control typical of industrial processes and research experiments.

Technical Specifications

Titrant Reservoir:

50 mL

Drop Volume:

0.034 mL

Overall Length:

16.5 cm

Reservoir Diameter:

6.3 cm

Clamp Diameter:

3.8 cm


Polypropylene 7 Polycarbonate

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