Drop Counter with Clamp

Price: $128

The patented Model 226P Drop Counter is an affordable alternative to a burette. Using a reflective infra-red sensor to count drops, the detection area is large enough to allow for easy use and sensitive enough to record about 40 drops per second. The price includes the Model 158 clamp.


Quick Facts

Applications: Titrations

Features: Reflective Sensor, Corrects for Ambient Light, Corrects for Fragmented Drops, Lightweight, Waterproof, Holds pH meater and Temperature Probe

Technical Description

microLAB’s Drop Counter uses an infrared light emitting diode and a photo-transistor to count individual drops. An LED flashes on the drop counter for each drop detected. A background correction circuit subtracts ambient light from the sensor’s view while another circuit eliminates false counts from fragmented drops. 

Technical Specifications

Drop Counter Dimensions:




Cable Length:





+5 VDC

Output Pulse:

25 ms, TTL

Notch Width:

14 mm

Optimal Detection Distance:

4-9 mm

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