Cyclic Voltammetry Module

Price: $295

The Model 170 Cyclic Voltammetry Module coupled with the FS-528 plots current versus applied voltage or current versus voltage referenced to an Ag/AgCl electrode.


Quick Facts

Applications: Electrochemistry, Redox Potentials

Features: Simple, Cost Effective, Easy to Use

Technical Description

The Cyclic Voltammetry Module uses Pine Research Instruments screen-printed electrodes.  It connects to a FS-528 multipurpose input scans in forward and reverse directions at variable scan rates.  The user-determined scan rate is calculated based on the values entered in the millivolts per step and steps per second.

Technical Specifications

Carbon Electrode Size:

2 mm diameter disc

Carbon Thickness:

7-13 mm

Voltage Range:

-2.5 to +2.5 V

Maximum Voltage Ramp Step:

10 steps per second

Minimum Voltage Step:

1 mV

microLAB Input:

CAT-5 Input A, B or C

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