Conductance Probe

Price: $109

The Model 160 Conductance Probe quickly and accurately measures the concentration of ions in solution and the durable design stands up to the use of many students. 

*Electrodes with alternate cell constants of 0.1/cm and 10/cm are available on special order. The standard order electrode has a cell constant of 1/cm.


Quick Facts

Applications: Water Quality, Ionization, Conductive Titrations, Total Dissolved Solids

Features: Accurate, Lightweight, Rugged

Technical Description

This probe connects to the FS-528 through the 3.5 mm stereo phone plug on the back of the unit. When the electrode is inserted into a liquid sample, a ± 100 mV square wave is applied to the conductance electrode, and current passing through the solution is measured once at the same point in each cycle.  When calibrated, microLAB reports signals in uS/cm2.

Technical Specifications

Detection Range:

Low: 0-2000 mS/cm

High: 0-20,000 mS/cm


Low: 0.05 mS/cm

High: 0.5 mS/cm

Cell constant:

Approx. 1 cmˉ¹

Probe Length:


Overall Length:


microLAB Input:

3.5 mm stereo phone plug

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