About microLAB

microLAB’s ultimate product is active, engaged college students who are learning science.

microLAB provides cost-effective, high quality computer-based instruments, software, curriculum, and technical support/training to help college chemistry faculty make this happen.

A Brief History Of microLAB

Born out of universities

microLAB is a spin-off from a 1995 National Science Foundation project called the “CCLI Initiative” – Computers in Chemistry Laboratory Instruction. A group of faculty representing community colleges, liberal arts colleges, comprehensive universities, research universities, and a U.S. Military Academy worked together on the project that resulted in two spin-off organizations: CCLI- an off-campus non-profit educational resource organization and microLAB- an incorporated R&D/manufacturing company.

Manufactured by US Industry

In 2002, the first hardware, software, and curriculum were made available. All microLAB products are manufactured in the USA.

International Adoption

Since 2002, more than 260 colleges and universities across the world have adopted microLAB products. With three U.S. Patents, microLAB is currently being used in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. 

microLAB's Purpose

microLAB, Inc. creates, manufactures, distributes, and supports innovative, high-quality, cost-effective computer based scientific instruments and software that deliver reliable, versatile measurements encourages solid understanding of chemical principles. Through easy-to-use software and an integrated, high-resolution package, microLAB provides

  • Physical tools to manage sample and experimental conditions
  • Electronic tools to measure chemical behavior
  • Software tools to plan, collect data, visualize, analyze, and evaluate experiments

microLAB Supports Efficient Use of Lab Time and Resources

Lab is one of the most expensive investments for a college or university. Labs require significant amounts of time, money, and attention to detail to be run safely. The lab space is the best place to engage students in science, develop inquiry skills, develop a culture of safety, and learn about sustainability.

microLAB's reliable integrated system supports quick data collection with small samples and encourages in-lab analysis of data.

microLAB offers free telephone and e-mail support from a team with more than 260 years of experience in college/university research and teaching.

Request A Quote

MicroLab takes great pride in offering our clients the best possible customer service and technical support. The development staff at MicroLab are all active university scientists/educators and stand ready to help you. If you need assistance or specifications, help with an idea or have an idea, please do not hesitate to give us a call, email us, or fill out the form below. If you would like to preview our products first-hand, check out our homepage for upcoming conferences.

Be sure to check out the help center page for information that will help readers make informed decisions about MicroLab’s use in their labs and with their students