Thermochemistry : Hints for use

  • Thermistors can be oven dried at 100oC, but should never be placed in a flame. Placing the tip in a flame will damage any thermistor.
  • For best results in colligative experiments such as freezing point lowering, a dry probe will give the best results. Even a trace amount of moisture in a small scale experiment can add sufficient water (as a solute) to change the freezing point dramatically.
  • Thermocouple sensors can be used in place of thermometers in MelTemp ™ or other melting point devices, kilns, tube furnaces, muffle furnaces and heating mantles.  It is also an excellent option to the thermistor when good linearity over a wide range of temperatures is needed.
  • Touch the hot plate mounted aluminum block heaters with the thermocouple to monitor temperature of microscale organic reaction vials